A. BTC Flood is member to member bitcoin education & donation platform.

A. When you join BTC Flood, you need to watch our educational video tutorials about bitcoin (i.e what is bitcoin, how to create free bitcoin wallet, how to send and receive bitcoins etc.) and you need to donate your sponsor because he was the one who invited you to this earning platform and provided you an opportunity to learn about bitcoin – the leading cryptocurrency through various educational videos, guides on the website so you need to pay him educational fees for his efforts.

A. When you get EDUCATION then you need to spread this education to two more interested members (your friends etc). These two members referred by you will donate you same amount which you pay before to your sponsor, as your educational fee. Now you got two benefits:- 1. Education of bitcoin (product) 2. Extra donation as your educational fees.

A. Yes when you give education to two members you must tell them to do the same and tell them to spread education with two more members that’s mean 4 new members will join in your team and you will reach in 2nd level . Similarly when these 4 members will also be spreading this education then 8 new members join in your team and you will reach in 3rd level if these 8 members also spreading it then 16 new members join in your team and you will reach in 4th level and at every level you got additional education with different type of donation amounts to your senior members. And when members who join under you they also upgrade their levels then they will donate you same amounts which you pay to your senior members.. That’s how our education & donation system will work.

A. Ask the sponsor who invited you and Get in touch with that person who provide you with their own unique invite link. Use that link to sign up.

A. Yes you can but in that situation you will join under unknown sponsor so we recommend you that join with sponsors who already know you and you know him as well. However contact details of such unknown sponsor will be displayed on your dashboard so you can contact them if required. Additionally you can also contact Site support as well.

A. After login your first work is to add your sending and receiving bitcoin wallet address in "my money" option. Please be careful that your sending & receiving bitcoin wallet address must be same and only blockchain wallet ( can be used in our site. To know how to create a new blockchain wallet you can watch education videos on the site.

A. No only blockchain wallet is applicable because of some security reasons we highly recommend you to use only blockchain wallet address. If you use any other bitcoin wallet provider than we are not responsible for any type of payment issue.

A. The only places we highly recommend you go get a Bitcoin wallet is at, Please watch our video tutorial on how to create wallet on blockchain site.

A. Click on upgrade option and process your first donation to your sponsor as per displayed information in upgrade page but please be careful while sending your donation you must use your added bitcoin address in our website. Go to your blockchain wallet and select your added bitcoin address in "from" option then complete your donation as we already describe in our video tutorial.

A. After completing your donation through your wallet copy the transaction hash and paste it in our website upgrade page in the provided field and be sure again that your sponsor bitcoin address appears in "to address" field and your bitcoin address appears in "from address" field and same amount appears in "amount" field then paste your hash in last box and submit it.

A. Meaning of this message is that your upgrade to first level has been successfully completed and now you become an active member in our site, your unique referral link will also be generated immediately and you are now eligible to spread education with more friends through your unique referral link.

A. You can refer unlimited members with your referral link, The first two members referred by you will become your direct first level referrals and balance members referred by you will be spilled over to your downline’s as per the structure of the Forced Matrix.

A. Yes you can use your link forever to refer unlimited members under you but all new members joining after your first two referrals automatically goes to your down line members (Spilled -over) as per the structure of Forced Matrix. You can see all new joining in my referral option at "list view". You can see your level 2, level 3 and level 4 members or you can explore your entire referral list in "tree view". However we will strongly recommend you that you also use your down liners referral link to build your team and to help your weak members so that your matrix is completed fast.

A. As we mentioned earlier that you must upgrade your level for getting more education and for getting more donations. When you upgrade in level 1 by giving 1 donation to your senior member than you will receive 2 donation of same amount from your downline in your first level, Similarly if you upgrade in level 2 by sending 1 donation to your senior member than you will again receive 4 donation of same amount from your upgraded downline members, Similarly when you upgrade in level 3 by sending 1 donation to your senior member than you will receive 8 donation of same amount from your upgraded downline members, and Similarly if you upgrade in level 4 by sending 1 donation to your senior member than you will receive 16 donation of same amount from your upgraded downline members. That’s how you reach the highest level of education in this website and also receive highest level of donations as well and your matrix becomes completed.

A. No you can upgrade at any time, much better if you are able to upgrade all levels at once when you join the site because there is no time limit or expiry of your level upgrades until you receive more donation then your paid donation at every level.

A. We set a time limit in every level for example if you reach in level 3 there you will receive 8 donation but you receive only 6 donation and you have enough amount to upgrade in next level but you are not upgrading then our time limit will start and after a fixed time limit your all level upgrade will expire and u can't receive any donation of any level because system will deactivate your account and your all pending donation will goes to your senior members.

A. Don’t worry you can reactivate your deactivated account at any time by simply upgrading your level and you don’t need to donate again in all levels where u have donated earlier. Just upgrade your level where you stuck before deactivation of your account. Then your account will be reactivated and henceforth you are eligible to receive all eligible donations from your down lines.

A. No You can't claim your missed donation during the period of deactivation due to non up gradation within mentioned time frame. You will be eligible to get monthly donation if you are an active member at the highest level (last level) of our site.

A. You can receive 16 donations per month in your last level and when you reach in last level and there you receive enough donations to donate again to your sponsor your fixed time limit will start after receiving enough donation and when you donate before ending your fixed time limit on that day your monthly contribution will start and u have to donate 1 donation per month to receive 16 donation per month.

A. As we have mentioned before that if you never donate, your account will be deactivated and all donation of your down liners will be skipped to your senior members so it is better to donate only 1 donation and receive 16 donation per month.

A. As we tell you before there is no monthly subscription and no expiry of your level upgrades and you have full freedom to built your team and to reach in last level of our site where you have a huge team and your matrix is completed than only your monthly subscription is being started i.e only at the last level so that you continue to get monthly income forever from this site.

A. We are here to spreading the education of bitcoin that’s why we are using only bitcoin as the single payment processor.

A. Yes you can make more than one account in same IP address and same computer but your name, email address, wallet address and all required information must be different.

A. The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator or by the Website, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s bitcoin wallet to another member’s bitcoin wallet. So there are no refunds.

A. By Email in, but Please read the questions above before sending us an email. We receive hundreds of emails everyday and do not have the resources to reply to all of them, so we have a policy of not responding to emails asking questions that have already been answered on this page.